Kathryn Taylor Chocolates is for us the best of all worlds.  A little workshop on Orcas Island and a craft to teach our daughter - one that she knows she's been a part of ever since she can remember.  Chocolate making for us is a medium for blending  art and pure ingredients.  We are able to support the small, organic farms in our island community, and combine fresh local goods with exceptional French chocolate.

Black Dog Orcas pears, berries and hazelnuts from a little farm in Olga, and plums from Emily's Orchard in West Sound, allow us to follow the flavors of the seasons.  We have a fondness for understated elegance and simple pleasures.  We are passionate about craftsmanship.  The bonbons we make are topped with hand painted tiles and marbled flowers.  We design and create by hand every chocolate that we make.  The collection changes with the seasons to reflect what is happening in nature, so you will see designs & flavors inspired by what is happening outside.

Kathryn Taylor Chocolates are Ted, Susan and Kathryn Taylor Aspinall.  Ted has been an Executive Chef in the Pacific Northwest for the past 25 years, playing in chocolate for all of that time.  Susan has trained with and apprenticed to Chocolatiers in both Canada and the U.S.  Kathryn at age 7 can spot the new thing in the case she's never tried in a fraction of a second.  Kathryn Taylor Chocolates is for her.