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Laphroaig, single malt scotch from the Isle of Islay is blended into chewy caramel leaving lasting notes of smoke and salt.

A champagne truffle.  Milk chocolate ganache with champagne and eau de vie from champagne grapes.

Available for Valentine's Day

A cognac truffle. Dark chocolate and French cognac. Bring your smoking jacket, this one is smooth.

Available for Valentine's Day

Available in Late Winter  Early Spring and Summer

Eggnog and spiced rum in milk chocolate. Bring on the Good Cheer!

Available during the Holiday Season

Whole Juniper berries and a smashing bit of Bombay Sapphire in milk chocolate ganache.

Available in the Summertime and through the Autumn

Our favorite italian dessert wine in the smoothest dark chocolate ganache.

 Available in the Autumn and for the Holidays

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